Observations of a Rambler

A new medium for myself to attempt to show people what goes on in this mind of mine.  Prepare yourself, however, for I am NOT fully responsible for the views and opinions that may come forth in this blog.  Often, I will find myself compelled to write whatever just flies off the handle.  Sometimes, more often, I will de as PG and PC.  There are items that happen in my life that I will share just because I don’t care who knows about it…and maybe might spark whatever comment may lie inside of you along the same lines of communication.

I love to share what goes on in my world.  Sometimes personal, sometimes something that is probably going on in the public circuit.  I’ll also review products and services that I feel are for people’s interests.  Food, tech, gadgets, video games, whatever I get my hands on and have an adequate knowledge base about, I’ll share it.

So, sit back, relax, grab some Peets or Starbucks or whatever your favorite “Joe” is (OK, grab some Tazo or Teavana for you tea lovers out there) and allow yourself to open your heart, your mind, and explore what will easily become your quintessential moments.

Thanks for stopping by!


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