A Marine Dad’s Wish

Hard to let him go today. It was hard the last time in December when he left us after Boot Leave for MCT. He’s been on my mind today, over 24-hours after seeing him off to his first duty station on Okinawa for two-years. Guess it’s true…”It never is easy for them to leave the nest!” So, being me, this quick blurb came to me and posted immediately to his Facebook Wall.


It was yesterday, it seemed…
The day I held you aloft like Rafiki held Simba presenting him to his Kingdom. The greatness you were to bring to the world of tomorrow.

It was yesterday that I put you on a plane to tomorrow and the course that follows an amazing journey. A journey fulfilling pride, honor, and knowledge within your heart.

But, today, my son, I really wish for yesterdays’ past. To allow for one more fatherly embrace and the chance to tell you how amazing you make me feel inside before your tomorrow comes.

-Tom Chancy