Reflection Through Self-Destruction

When one is able to move forward through their own chaotic wakes, only then can previous patterns of self-destruction can dissolve. Even DNA-embedded gifts from our ancestors can be laid to rest…and should.

I don’t preach it, am terrible at practicing it, and one would think the answers that come easily for others’ inner-turmoil would easily be written in my own book? Guess not… But this ponder just sparked some things inside; things that need resolution…answers, if you will, to questions that no one really has the answers to. So, at it, alone, I make the trek within; searching, dissecting, unfolding, and understanding the little footprints of this and my previous lives in the hopes of bringing my demons to rest.

As the end of 2012 nears, and certainly NOT the very end of our mortal existence, I suggest you do the same. Mend the fences, landscape your inner-homes, and plant new seeds for life to reward you with new fruit.

It’s time! Now, it’s time!