My Didgeridoo Journeys



I play my didgeridoo with respect.  I play my didge with courage.  I play my didge with intention – the highest with no resent.

I play my ridge with my soul in unison; a spiritual marriage unbound.  I play my didge with all I might – and make that droning sound.

I play my didge with power.  The power to heal and calm.  I play my didge to break one free – relaxing by the palm.

The spirit of didge resides in all.  Its guidance only shows.

My didge will be at my side forever – the journey no one knows.


Russian Roulette

Wandering through life.  Day-to-day solace; engulfed within the confines of the “now” destiny.  Seeing, yet, not seeing; realities amongst us….wandering further only to find another dead-end-moment-of-now.  Jumping, yet, landing on both feet; or maybe it’s only the tips of toes that allow us to spring carefully onto the next pebble; stepping stones of our existence…figuring out the next move.  A game of chess; chance or pure intellectual strategy that leads one to victory?  One bullet…many chances…trying to make it through.  One pull…a click…and then it’s time to go again.

Fumbling through and falling out of step; crashing, but not burning.  A suffering unlike no other, because no one understands what it is to be you.  To dance…to love…to live, yet, not feel dead inside.  Not yet!  It’s not your time!  But then, what’s next?  Looking around the corner; anxious and unknowingly naive to the forgotten.  Souls staggering about; heart racing…pounding…louder….LOUDER!!!!  Adrenaline is the fuel for existence.  Caffeine is the drug to awaken.  jittery existence as you hold on tight.  One bullet…many chances…trying to make it through.  One pull…CLICK…time to give it another go.

Vanishing in the shadows.  Your own smokescreen haze that’s in place to hide behind.  No one knows.  No one can see your truth.  Only you know what’s next…at least, right now.  It’s hard to believe that you can do it this long.  This hard….determination rules your spirit; nothing touches the daily stride you take.  Briskly…swiftly…strategically….each step not like the first.  Tap….tap….quiet now…in stealth you are safe from everything and everyone.  Everyone can hear but not see; they only think they have been there, but they have no idea.  One bullet…many chances…trying to make it through.  One pull…a click…sweating now…time to go again.

Feeling unstoppable…invincible…INCREDIBLE!!!!  Treading the waters one day at a time.  The water is cold, it slows your body, but keeps it alive…just barely…enough to keep feeling.  Head above water…just enough.  Breathing still…moving an inch at a time.  The light is just ahead.  Triumph is near.  No one will take it from you!  A moment well-deserved and fought for.  Embraced…enveloped…emerged.

One bullet…many chances…trying to make it through.  One pull…

`Tom Chancy