Dear Santa…

I’m writing this year a little differently than the last.  When we did this before, a poem written fast.  A lot has gone on, since the time before, and I hope that this year’s miracles are granted some more.  The family has moved in a home that was here, but done so in haste, due to Freddie Mac early this year.  The budget is stretched much further than before, but I have the same job with the company I adore.  But due to the changes, with our rent amount that soared, there’s no surplus for some basics, my account is so chored.  And now here at Christmas, though presents aren’t the need, it’s a want that any person would want far from greed.  My family’s the best, and I cherish them so; to give them that special gift all wrapped in nice bows.  Aside from some gifts, or some cards they can use, I’m asking for something special that I simply can’t lose.  Six months or so ago, I found out some news.  “Tom you have lost some sight, and a privilege you lose!”  I now cannot drive, my dependency back, to buses and people to transport the track.  And now I’m not certain how long what’s here lasts, I’m scared and I’m shaking, inside my fear casts.  Please Santa, please help me!  I can’t lose this fight!  Please Santa, oh Santa, I can’t lose my sight.  On top of the previous, I have one more wish – a promotion that would afford me – one favorite dish.  This letter’s for them, not really for me, but I hope you’ll consider these things to help me.  As always, a thank you, and a good sense of cheer.  Merry Christmas, dear Santa, and Happy New Year!


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