I am that I am….everything, yet, nothing…the is and what was…a father, a lover, a friend, teacher/mentor, and someone who will lead, but rarely follow.

At 39, one would think, or claim to believe, that I have been around the block a few times over. I’ve been through many types of jobs, from telemarketing, to IT, to Retail, to Retail Management, Auto Sales (why on Earth did I do that one?), and, now, Massage Therapy. The culmination of the above has made me a well-rounded, take no prisoners/take no shit, kind of person. Friends of all ages gravitate to me merely because of my ability to be genuine and non-judgemental.

The chapters of life that we page through are merely that…pages in the book that we wrote upon our conception. We don’t know the outcome, however, because, we are the authors, and though we don’t dare attempt to read ahead and see the forbidden spoiler ending, we are able to rewrite the pages that haven’t even been read yet. So, really, there are no such things as “spoilers” when it comes to our existence. There are more “alternative endings” to consider. Every single day, as we page through our book, we make the decision to proceed or “choose our own adventure” and alter the path we were on; embarking on an entirely new journey that built off the previous.

How awesome is that – we have our own power to move, to stand still, to win, to lose, to love, to cry, to adventure, to stay behind….it’s all us – no matter what or who might think otherwise, this…YOUR life…is what we make of it.

Have fun – write your scripts – cameras on….aaaannnnddddd ACTION!!!!!!


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