My Didgeridoo Journeys



I play my didgeridoo with respect.  I play my didge with courage.  I play my didge with intention – the highest with no resent.

I play my ridge with my soul in unison; a spiritual marriage unbound.  I play my didge with all I might – and make that droning sound.

I play my didge with power.  The power to heal and calm.  I play my didge to break one free – relaxing by the palm.

The spirit of didge resides in all.  Its guidance only shows.

My didge will be at my side forever – the journey no one knows.


Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

It has been a long time since I’ve written you, but let me say, your work up there at the North Pole sure is impressive lately! You and your Elves have been hard at work making some of the most amazing dreams come true for people all over the world. Maybe, a part of me still needs a miracle or two to make him remember that Christmas is not all about what he can do for others, but allowing blessings to come to him; especially when his family deserves NOTHING SHORT of the best for them

I hope this letter gets to you and your elves tonight as I know you’re a busy guy and all, but this year, I need your help and a little Christmas magic wouldn’t hurt either.

It has been a long time since the magic was in my home. Sure, we bake, we sing, and we fellowship as and with our friends and family, but that homey spark of cool just isn’t there in the morning when the stockings are checked.

My want list is simple and provides for making Christmas dreams come true for those around me:

My kids want some gift cards iTunes at best, some Aero, Old Navy to put on their chests. Perhaps games for the Xbox, the latest would do, like MW3 or Gears 3 too!

My lady is perfect, though her eyes might not be. Her needs are harder; things to help her to see. A laptop from Apple with voices inside will help her to tackle the web that’s outside. Next year will be painful as her eyes are repaired. An upcoming transplant inside she is scared. I want only comfort and healing for sure and friends to surround her and help her endure.

For me, Santa, nothing. I cannot ask more. Although my one truck in the garage is no more. My family comes first. With me there’s no else. Supporting them solely before my own self. I ask for the strength to my one job. And what is leftover, I’ll save for my “hobs.”.

Oh God, Santa, please. I hope you get this. I hope it is my house your reindeer won’t miss. There’ll be fudge on the table, and milk in a glass, and surely some carrots that just can’t be passed.

In closing I beg you. These dreams must come true. But if not Merry Christmas and keep safe through and through.


Tom Chancy

My Train of Dreams Just Left


So the whistle blows this morning as an Amtrak train heading to its destination pulls out, I stand on the bridge overlooking into the trench below with thoughts of what is going on in my life.  I feel, right now, a huge sense of defeat; missing a 2nd job interview by mere minutes to be rescheduled at a later date.  It isn’t fair – I left with plenty of time to spare, right?  Traffic was a bit uncooperative, but the slowing wasn’t that major, or, at least, so I thought.  Along with the departure of this intercontinental transport, came a  huge feeling of dismay and depression.  And the realities of my life, right at that moment, became very apparent and very real to me.

My family and I are in trouble – huge financial trouble.  Things are slowly being turned off.  Communication lines are dwindling; cell phones got suspended yesterday, I need to negotiate my water bill so it doesn’t get turned off, our rent is past-due one month (protected by the Chapter 7 I mentioned in a previous post), but this month is due in TWO DAYS, and no extra $$$ in sight to pay for it.  $800 was a blessing given to us vs. $900 when new property managers took over in May, but me losing my job in September, and a huge legal fight now between my ex-employer, other  Federal entities, State entities, and myself, money that I thought would be in my hands to further take care  of my family has been stalled and so here we are….

Who would I be to defy the Law of Attraction?  A hypocrite…that’s what!  And I believe in this principle so much that it literally is the foundation for which I allow myself to wander through life.  Sometimes, with vague uncertainty, I vibrate at a frequency that is consistent with confidence.  And still, there’s that part of me that is scared to death of the future ahead.