Ever wish…?

Oh how grand it would be to be a cat sometimes. The carefree indulgence of having the world at your command; food brought to you, your drink coming from a running fountain that is filtered and cooled to perfection, and a daily massage at your beck and call! Imagine a playground as high as the Heavens to frolic and explore…hiding in solitude when it suits you and be missed if “disappeared” for hours on end! Ahhhh…what a life that WOULD be, indeed! And to think, this very life, is paralleled to that of the extremely wealthy. That 1%, so-to-speak, that CAN do just the above, but often fail in happiness because they forget the simple component that creates that happiness.

It’s often noted that money cannot buy happiness and completeness. I disagree! There is that missing component in my life that is present. Love!


Our “Maine Coon,” Lily

She follows me virtually everywhere! It’s an oddity that I am not quite use to with this particular animal. Lily, our 3-month old Maine Coon (or at least that’s speculative at best for now) is an animal unlike anything else I have experienced in my years. Granted, at 37, one would deem me some sort of animal expert, but this feline definitely warmed my heart faster than any other animal could.

She is, however, at the age of immaculate defiance; often feeling the wrath of a water bottle for discipline, but she cures the frayed nerves with tender purrs of apologetic conveyance and a warm body curled up in your lap. Definite mannerisms of this would be monstrosity in sized cat. But, the experts say we won’t know for sure for another 3-5 years as these particular cats move slowly in development, yet maintain their kitten-like disposition.